Kitesurf Courses

Kitesurfing Courses in Southend

​We have a range of kitesurfing courses for all different levels; from the beginner just finding their way around a kite, to the more advance rider looking to push their advanced kite surfing techniques and tricks. 

Course Description
1 Day Beginner Course 1 day based on 2-4 people per lesson This course will teach you the basics of flying kites on land and in the water as well as all the safety aspects.
2 Day Beginner Course 2 days based on 2-4 people per lesson

Day 1  Flying kites on land and in the water as well as all the safety aspects.

Day 2 In the water with the board.
1 Hour Private Lesson all kit supplied Private tuition is our most popular way of learning as you can learn at your own pace with an instructor by your side helping you reach your full potential.  This is a  much faster way to learn as you  maximise your time on the kite.
1 hour private lesson use of own kit Whether you have been kiting 5 years or or 5 minutes you could always benefit from a kite lesson.

We teach all levels from beginner to advanced so don't think you have reached your peak in kiting. 

1 hour group lesson all kit supplied The group lesson is based on 2 people sharing a kite and is a cheaper option than 121 private tuition so grab a friend and book up now.
taster session All Kit Supplied The 2 hour taster session is a land based lesson teaching you about the wind and safety aspects of the sport. you will only use a trainer kite but will be shown the bigger kites we use on the water.

This is an ideal way to get a taste of what kitesurfing is all about.

safety check clinic FREE We will be running a safety clinic at high tide every 1st sunday of the month. This will recap your memory on things like 'the safety pack down' and lots of other little ways to make your kiting safer. This is free clinic and anyone can participate. 
Bundle of hours package Buying a bundle of hours will help save you money in the long run when learning to kitesurf.

Ideal for people who are serious about learning to kitesurf. If you are up and riding after 6 hours then don't worry you can still use your hours at a later date to learn to nail your 1st jump or riding toeside.